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Beginner Sailing Lessons


From landlubber to skipper, learn the basics of sailing on our 19’ Flying Scot!


We offer private or semi-private lessons tailored to the unique needs of each student. 


Our "Scot" departs from Silly Lily Fishing Station - one of The Hampton's hidden gems. 


An expert instructor will join the student(s) on board providing the perfect safety net to practice new skills and acquire those sea legs. 


Typically, lessons begin with safety briefings and a discussion of that day’s conditions (wind, weather, and tide). After a brief "chalk talk," covering the skills we will practice on the water, it's time to rig the boat and do some sailing! When we return to the dock, we cover de-rigging basics and run a debrief to solidify what we learned that day. 

  • 2 hr lesson

  • $250 for one sailor, $50 for each additional sailor 

  • Up to four students, one or two recommended

*Sailing lessons can be purchased individually, but we recommend securing one of our lesson packages. In addition to the package’s discount, we guarantee a weekly timeslot during the peak of the season!

Moriches Island Sailing in Action

Advanced Sailing Lessons

Most of our students have the goal of sailing on their own


After a few sailing lessons on our Flying Scot (typically three to six lessons), it will be time to learn to navigate solo! Sailors with demonstrable experience in skippering are welcome to sign up as well. 


For these lessons, we meet at the end of Moriches Island Road in East Moriches, where the long and open beach makes for an excellent launch and landing.


Sailors weighing 60-130lbs will sail an Optimist, a 7’ dinghy for junior sailors. All other sailors will hop in a Sunfish, a 14’ staple on Moriches Bay. 


During these sailing lessons, your instructor will coach you on the water from a 13' Boston Whaler. 


Sailing on your own can be daunting but with our expert guidance, you’ll be cruising with confidence in our beautiful Long Island bays.

  •  2 hr lesson

  • $250 for one sailor, $50 for each additional sailor 

  • Up to two students

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Motorboat Lessons

 "Anyone can operate a motorboat safely and confidently with little to no training."

-  Motorboat Salesmen Worldwide


Simply put, that's far from the truth. Not only can boating accidents be fatal, but motorboats are also prone to expensive repairs from easily avoidable mishaps on the water. 


Let one of our licensed captains teach you how to operate and own a motorboat with ease. 


We offer lessons individually, but we highly encourage new boaters to sign up for our five-lesson course. Topics in the course include safety, navigation, right of way, tide and current, basic maintenance, anchoring, docking, and troubleshooting common issues. 

  •  2 hr lesson

  • $300 for one student, $50 for each additional student on our boat. No charge for additional students on your boat!

  • Up to two students on our boat

*New York State is phasing in a new requirement that vessel operators hold a boating safety certificate. The law goes into effect in January 2025, and depending on when you were born, you may need one sooner. More information can be found on the NYS Parks website. 

The motorboat lessons that we offer do not help students earn this boating safety certificate; starting in 2025, students must hold this certificate before taking lessons with Moriches Island Sailing. Boat US offers a free online course that you can take to obtain your boating safety certificate.

Some Happy Sailors

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