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Why We're Here

I usually say that I started Moriches Island Sailing in 2020, when was working on a 282ft superyacht called Aquijo. We were in the middle of the Atlantic when I walked up to the fly bridge, gave the captain my notice, then walked downstairs and emailed my friend’s parents to say yes, I’d buy that old Flying Scot sailboat for $1100. 


But, really, Moriches Island Sailing started before then. It was starting when I would go sailing with my mom as a toddler. It was starting when I (reluctantly) sailed an Opti for the first time. It was starting when I went to the University of Miami and joined the sailing team. I guess it really started about 100 years ago, when my great-grandfather bought a plot of land on Moriches Island Road, because he wanted his four daughters to learn how to sail.

Before 2020, there wasn’t anywhere to get a high-quality sailing lesson on Moriches Bay unless you were a member of a yacht club. There wasn’t even anyone who’d just take you out for a sail. But now, we’re here, and there is. I started Moriches Island Sailing because I love sailing, I love Moriches Bay, and I’d love to share that experience with you.

Learning to sail on Long Island
Sailing with my Mom as a toddler (apparently she was convincing me to not jump out of the boat)

We’ve grown a lot since 2020. We've switched out the dead end/boat ramp where we used to start our lessons for Silly Lily Fishing Station. We’ve added a 13’ Boston Whaler, Sunfish and Opti to our fleet, so after you get the basics down on our 19’ Flying Scot, you can sail on your own, while we coach from the Whaler. But not everything has changed. I still teach almost all of our lessons and captain almost all of our charters myself; growth is good, but on the water with you is where I want to be.

Sailing charter long island
A sailing lesson in 2022. Photo courtesy of Ryan Fink/East End Drone Photography.

We’ve added motor boat lessons to our offerings as well; it was another service that our area was desperately lacking. Anyone can drive a motor boat, but nobody can drive one safely and comfortably unless they've been shown the ropes by someone who actually know what they're doing. While our core mission is to grow the sailing community on Moriches Bay, we also want to make it safer and more enjoyable for all boaters.

Not everyone wants to become a sailor or buy a motor boat. While I might not understand why, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. But I am convinced that pretty much anyone on this planet would enjoy spending two hours out on a boat on Moriches Bay. We offer sailing sunset and bay cruises for those who’d like to cruise around the bay in silence, with the wind in your hair.


sailing sunset cruise long island
A sunset cruise on our Flying Scot.

We also offer charters on our 24’ Eastern, the Persephone III. She’s a down East style boat with a big, open stern. Her name comes from the old, wooden Egg Harbor that my grandfather bought in the 1950s. While I'd give almost anything to have the original Persephone floating on Moriches Bay, I know that her spirit holds true aboard her younger, albeit fiberglass, sister. Sailing is at our core, but there’s certainly a time and place to be out on a motor boat. Maybe it’s a bit windy out there for a sunset cruise, maybe you have kids or elderly guests in your party, or maybe you’d just like something a bit more comfortable.

motor boat charter long island
Our 24' Eastern, the Persephone III. We use the Persephone for Motor Boat Bay Tours & Dinner Cruises.

I’ve been fortunate to spend a lot of my life on the water. I’ve sailed across the Atlantic twice, up and down the East and West coast of the US, and transited the Panama Canal. Those 28,000 miles at sea helped me earn a 100 Ton USCG Captain’s License and a 200 Ton RYA Yachtmasters. Those licenses are an achievement, and I wouldn’t trade all those miles for the world. But where I really want to be is right here, on Moriches Bay, on a little boat, teaching you how to sail- I hope that you’ll give me that opportunity this summer.

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